"Preserve our culture, Be proud of our culture"

     The formation of Y.H.K.K.R.S.S. was initiated in 1997 by four friends whose names were Mr. Baljit (Puma) Rai, Mr. Saharman (Chamling) Rai, the late Indra Bahadur Mukhia (Sunuwar), and the late Prem Bahadur (Bantawa) Rai. Later,  they elected Mr. Mann Bahadur (Lohrung) Rai as the President. We have received a lot of love and support from Bagdogra and faced many challenges in our 27 years of existence, but we have always done our best to achieve our goal and remain neutral. We will continue to be impartial. We have behaved and will always behave democratically towards other communities.

Now we are worshipping in our own Mangkhim, built in M. M. Tarai, West Bengal, India. Year by year, we celebrate Sakela (mainly Ubhauli and Udhauli Puja). Because of our members' hard work, people have started gathering from distinct places like Siliguri, Darjeeling, Mirik, Sikkim, Bihar, and even from our neighboring country, Nepal. Because of our popularity, people have started to know us. In our organization, many members serve in their own culture. 

You will be glad to know that our Mangkhim is the first and oldest Mangkhim in India.

" Short sentence by the incumbent "

   We are very glad to announce that our Organization K.K.R.S.S Kirat Khambu Rai Sanskritik Sansthan, Bagdogra will help the community to showcase its rich culture and animistic tradition to the whole region and the country. Further this Organization will serve as a platform that will bring the community members living in various parts of the country and abroad, to come and meet for all aspects of Kiranti tradition and culture. This will allow for a free and frank exchange of views and serve to bind all Kirawas. It will certainly boost the research possibilities from an anthropoloical point of view as well. So its time to preserve our Language, Religion, Culture and Tradition.

|| Kirati Mundum ||

The philosophy of the Kiratis is called Mundum. Activities, Behavior, rites, culture, customs, research of the ancestors is adhere as Mundum.

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Activities done by us ?Our Organization has done many activities some of which are here....

Our main aim is to protect and preserve
Culture Tradition Language Religion

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Participating in Ubhauli Sakela 2018 with Central Committee Darjeeling

A grand ubhauli sakela 2018 has been called by K.K.R.S.S Central Committee where many reputed people and the celebrity from neighbouring country and state were present.

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Second International Kirat Rai Seminar, 2015

2nd International Kirat Rai Seminar was organised in Eskon Mandir, Siliguri India on 21st and 22nd of February 2015 with join contribution of Akhil Kirat Rai Sangh Sikkim, Kirat Khambu Rai Bagdogra..

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Participating in Sakewa Ubhauli Puja, Mirik 2013

On 28th April'13 a huge seminar is held in Mirik where the people from many distant place were gathered. Around 1500 people from Sikkim, Bagdogra, Kalimpong, Darjeeling etc..

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Kirat Rai Bagdogra

Catchy, Professional and Traditional Design

Our Organization has more than a hundred members where most of them are so talented that they always become the centre of attraction in each and every occasion.
Some of them are professional in wooden sclupture that they are able to sclupt the Mahatma GandhiJi Face from the pieces of wood, some can trasform the pieces of cloth in waving flags and in waktibung specially Khada with our Logo on it having three Chuldhunga, Arrow and Bow lastly one old by age but not by art is able to trasform small pieces of bamboo into Murchunga, Binayo, Flute etc decorated with a fine pattern and design.

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Yelambar Hang Kirati Khambu Rai
Sanskritik Sansthan Bagdogra

Behind Kedarnath Primary School
Upper Bagdogra, Dist: Darjeeling
West Bengal 734014

Kirati Mundum

About Us

We work for the preservation and protection of our culture, tradition, language, heritage and customs plus to make our upcoming generation aware of it.

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